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It’s been a while…

So, it’s no secret that I haven’t blogged in a while.

Let’s see what’s happened since last time…

My boyfriend and celebrated a year, I moved… I also managed to make above a 3.0 my previous semester which I haven’t done in a long time.

Oh, I also managed to be fortunate enough to join a Harry Potter and Philosophy class…? It’s so much more than it sounds. For those who haven’t been a part of a specialty course, here’s what you need to know:

  1. They are 9 times out 10 going to be 300-level or higher. A.k.a.: Do not attempt if you have no background in the subject it’s categorized as. You will most likely end up hating whatever it’s paired with by the end of the semester, or at least by your first term paper.
  2. If you’ve only watched the movies to Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, or whatever your specialty class has been paired with, be sure to read up on the subject. As cliche as it may sound, the books are better than the movies…
  3. Try and not over think the concepts you’ve been handed. I can personally attest to this. I just got out of our debate against Ravenclaw and we lost by a single vote, mostly because our concept on the subject went way over everyone’s heads and we ended up confusing more people rather than gaining their vote. Believe me when I say, “Simplicity is bliss.”

So, in addition to this lovely adventure of a class, I have moved out of the dorms entirely. I’m now in a 2-bedroom with my roommate from last year and I gotta tell you, it’s the best decision I’ve ever made, honestly. We have so much more space now and we’re not having to live on top of each other now. (Literally, we had 3 different levels in our room last year. It was insane!)

Still having some issues with my learning disabilities, but I have a way better handle on them now days. I’m getting better grades than I used to. I feel like I’m finally back on track with my life and I can’t tell you how relieved I am.

My life isn’t perfect, but I’m okay with where I’m at. I accept that there’s room for improvement, and there always is, but I’m happy with where I am.

I’m happy.

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Golden Days

It has been about 3 months since I’ve blogged, give or take a few. A lot has happened since then.

For starters, I’ve successfully completed my 2nd year in college and am finally on track with my career (or at least I think so…). My roommate also now have a new place and are finally out of the dorm life. My sister has been doing college visits as well. I can’t believe how much time has passed! My boyfriend and I are still very happy with one another and will make a year in August. It has been a complete and utter dream these past couple of months.

I’m currently at my parents visiting for the summer, which has been an amazing experience as my sister and I were able to celebrate her birthday with tickets to Twenty-One Pilots! Not only did we get tickets to a sold out concert, but my parents somehow managed to get box tickets, which got us into the club attached to the venue. It was a total blast and I can finally say that I’ve been to a concert for something other than classical or country. It was also a lot of fun getting to spend time with my sister. We haven’t really gotten to hang out just the two of us in a while. Usually we either have friends or family over, but somedays you just need time with your siblings. I was glad we got to go to the concert together.

As for the next couple of weeks, I have a lot on my plate: Moving to a new apartment, my one year anniversary, and the start of a new semester at school. Things could not be going any better in my life.

For now, though, I’ve just been going through my clothes and getting rid of anything that is too small, too big, or just needs to go. Now, before you say anything about getting rid of a bunch of clothes, may I remind you that I am a 5’3″ 20-year-old who has been virtually the same size since I was 12. Needless to say I have matured and passed through many phases since I bought that twilight shirt…

No promises on when I’ll post my next blog, but I’ll try to keep you posted in the weeks to come!