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WARNING: The following may include a rant from a college girl’s mind at 1 am!

So, after having probably the sh*tiest week of my life, I’m calling some major bullsh*t on “College summers are way better than high school!”.

If someone tells you that, they’re lying to you and themselves. Sure, there are some good moments, like talking to your roommate about living together next semester, and comparing each other’s family pets and their levels of stupidity.

But when your first serious boyfriend calls after being together for almost a year to say that they’re just not interested anymore and your job moves you to an “as need” basis, you just want summer to be over. I miss seeing everyone everyday and I miss knowing what’s actually happening in my friends’ lives.

Call me cry baby all you want, but hey, I warned you what this was going to be and you kept reading, so who’s actually at fault here…?

Anyway, now I get to go to my councilor and give them the run-down of why the hell I’ve put everyone at a distance. I mean, I usually do that when I’ve been hurt by 1 or more people, but now I have to explain why I do that and I’m not looking forward to it…

Nor am I looking forward to going on vacation with my now ex next weekend, but hopefully I’ll have some friends with me as well and it won’t turn into the hot mess it looks like right now… maybe?


2 thoughts on “WARNING: The following may include a rant from a college girl’s mind at 1 am!

  1. hey girl, it’s Carrie…I love and miss you and I hope things get better. I’m assuming from this post that you and Q split…and if that’s correct, I’m really sorry love. Also…I miss you sooooooo much. Can’t wait to see you in August…hell if my car ever gets fixed I might try to visit you. ❤ Hang in there kid, you got this!

    Love ya lots,

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