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If Traveling was Free…

UGGGGGHHHHH! Do you ever feel like you’ve finally gotten everything in life straight (or pretty close to everything), and then you feel your mind and everything slowly falling apart again? IT’S INFURIATING!

I feel like rather than building my life up, I’ve been build a pyre and once I get it all built up, I’m going to watch it burn. I feel like I’ve done this a lot in the past couple of years, though I feel if it goes the same way this time, I’ll lose something much more important to me than just a minor set-back in my work.

I feel like I have to stay where I am so I can fix everything, but at the same time, I feel like running and never turning back. My friends and I, we found a quote recently. It reads “If traveling was free, you’d never see me again.” And while I desparately wish it was free, I’m sort of glad it’s not. Because while everyone claims to face there fears, almost everyone would run if it were possible without any bumps along the way. And the only bumps people find these days mostly, is financial issues.

And I’m writing this at 3 am, so I think it’s time for me to turn in.


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