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No, it’s not just teen angst…

Do you ever find yourself having to explain over and over again to others that what you fear in your mind is actually a real thing instead of something you’re imagining? Okay, that sounded a bit crazy. Let me rephrase that: Do you ever find yourself worrying over something that seems completely normal to worry about, but everyone else writes you off saying “you’re over-thinking it.”? That has been the past week for me. Between the multiple councilor visits and constant office visits, I’ve also been helping many friends with their issues while trying to get a degree. You could say I’m a bit stressed at the moment. And all the while I’ve been told to “power through.” I’m sorry, but this is probably the worst thing to say to someone who’s under large amounts of stress. They’re already doing the best they can, are probably mentally and physically exhausted, and you tell them to just “power through”? Now, don’t get me wrong, encouragement is one of the best things to do when a friend is having issues, but rather than tell them to “power through,” ask them what’s bothering them. God knows they’re already being told to do a thousand other things. So far during these past 2 weeks I’ve been told to:

  1. Write 4 essays, 2 of which need a bibliography
  2. Read 4 excerpts and annotate them by class time, one of which was this morning
  3. Complete a take-home test that will be due by the end of next week along with the 4 essays
  4. Turn in papers for my testing

Needless to say I have reason to fear the weeks ahead. This is not something you just “power though.”

I feel that people should know that by now. And if they don’t, well…

Best to learn now rather than later, eh?


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